YYC founder's forum is a collection of startup and tech founders who come together to share  knowledge in an effort to improve each other’s businesses. Each month for a 2 hour period, our group of founders come together to analyze and discuss a host of topics related to startups, business, and life as a founder. The first hour is informal over lunch and the second hour is focused on an agenda set by the group.

We are recruiting new members to join our existing group of 6 founders and accepting applications from interested participants. Your primary occupation must be founder and entrepreneur currently working on a business. Members are expected to attend every meeting in-person or by virtual meeting and confidentiality is of the utmost importance.
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1. Each member must be able to attend all the Founders Forums sessions in-person or virtually except for one. If a second meeting is missed, the member will be asked not to participate as a member of Founders Forum.

2. The Primary occupation of member must be entrepreneur. Members can be between opportunities however; the member must not return exclusively to full-time employment.

3. Prior to the first annual session, Founders Forum members will deposit $200 towards the end of year meal/retreat. The deposit will go towards the cost of the event and if there are funds left over, the members in good standing will split remaining funds.

4. Each monthly Founders Forum meeting will have a moderator to facilitate and manage the discussion to ensure the value of each session.

5. Members will show up on time and the individual managing lunch preparations will have it prepared in advance.

6. All Participants agree; that during and after the Participant’s Engagement in the Founders Forum ("FF"), to keep all discussions strictly Confidential and shall not use any information except for the purpose of carrying out authorized activities on behalf of the FF.
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